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Your Wish Is My Command

Your Wish Is My Command

Dear Blessed One,

There are no two words more powerful than “I am”.

Life flows, expresses, and expands through the precious and unique form of you. While doing so, the part of you that many are not aware of is the infinite You; the You that responds to your constant calls. The infinite You is the place of all-thingness and no-thingness, and is completely neutral to how Earth-life unfolds. It holds us all without judgment and continues Its divine dance through us, ecstatic each moment It becomes conscious of Itself in form; sinner or saint, It has no preference. Nor does It care if we call it God, Source, Love, Brahma, Allah, or It.

During our divine dance, as we are conditioned by society, parents, culture, religion, etc, we tend to lose our conscious connection with the life-force that flows through us. Wielding our words like a drunken sorcerer’s wand, we dam up the flow of goodness to us by unconsciously calling in situations we do not want.

When we think something, emotionally charge it, and then say that something out loud, we are calling to our Godself to create. The infinite, as I’ve said, is neutral and answers with, “Your wish is my command.”

Words like “I want” are words that actually focus on the energy of lack and call in more of that. Using words in the present tense, “I am receiving…”, is an effective way of producing the results that you are really looking for.

Saying “I Am” is incredibly powerful. How many times a day do you say “I am”? What follows those two words? In 1997 when I got sober, I was shocked to become aware of all the negative “I am’s” I was using. Slowly and with great effort, as I was quite trapped in my world of negative thinking, I began to replace those tapes with new recordings – words of self-love and gratitude.

This is not about icing over the negative thoughts, emotions, and words with positive ones. It’s about awareness. It’s important to be with what’s arising, allowing it to be just as it is. Feeling into it gives it the space it needs to lessen and eventually dissolve (sometimes immediately), and compassion for the wounded one will typically surface.

Once the process of allowing feels complete, this is a good place to begin reprogramming. And you can always stop in the middle of a negative affirmation, question what you’ve just said and choose other words.

Another way to reprogram is by using affirming words to occupy the mind during times that you are feeling happy, at peace, loving. The subconscious is like a tape recorder, so plugging in words when the mind is relaxed, happy, etc is when we’re more likely to be in the theta or alpha state which is the state we need for giving new data to the subconscious mind. The old negative stuff was placed in us usually through repetition and over time, it can be replaced in the same way.

Are you looking for a deeper connection with Source? Try affirming things like, “I am beautiful, I am blessed, I am loving, I am wise, I am the light of God, wholly personified.” Is it abundance that you seek? “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am always supplied, I am the light of God, wholly personified.” Awakening? “I am aware, I am awake, I am conscious of my light, I am manifesting God in this human rite.” Combine affirmations of the heart to invoke more than one of your great aspects by saying things like, “I am grace, I am joy, I am full, I am bliss, I am the living light of one Consciousness.”

Make up your own little mantras or at least begin shining the light of awareness on your speech so that you are more consciously calling in the life that you desire.

Remember, “I AM THAT I AM”. What are you I am-ing?

Much Love and Blessings to You,

“Our word has power because our word is the action of God… Let us seek to use the power of our word more generously, with a greater idea of its beneficence, its abundance, and its availability.”
~Ernest Holmes